PAINT BUCKET(Palette lottery)
When you draw a bucket, you'll receive a random color which will represent your bucket. Price for 1 Bucket will be different every time and it will be a combination of different colors ( ex. 1 BLUE + 2 GREEN).
Along with the bucket, you will receive a PLT (Palette Lottery Token. It's not $PLAT(platinum). ) in your wallet, which can be used to exchange them for the following layer’s token when it releases. Methods for reimburse will be different and fun every time.
When the game ends , 3 winning colors will be picked by the contract randomly. Winners may claim their rewards until the next round starts.
Out of the generated colored buckets, 3 winners will be picked.
1st – 50% of pot
2nd – 20% of pot
3rd – 5% of pot
15% will be allocated for the next lottery drawing.
10% will be burnt automatically.
Last modified 8mo ago
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