🔒The vault is equipped with a lock that can only be opened after certain block. New farms will be opened in the future with the income from delegated farming.
⏳ This lock means that if you deposit into the vault, you will not have access to your tokens for a predetermined period of time. 🔓The opening time of the lock on the vault will vary from a few days to up to a week in each case. 💰Each vault will have a predetermined total reward from which you will receive a share based on your deposited tokens after each block.
👀Funds for the vault is from the delegate farming of the next layer. So until then, it is a BETA OPENING. Purpose of the beta opening is to familiarize users to our vault system before the official opening. Much more funds will be filled as rewards when it launches officially with the new layer.

What is Boost in Vault?

It’s a way to burn tokens while giving incentives to the vault stakers. You can also use different boosters for the vaults.
1. Burn booster Burn #BLUE and #??? tokens to boost your vault shares. The cost of the booster varies per vault. 2. Gambling booster Burning #GREEN token will give you a percentage boost to the token shares in the vault.
However, to deposit into the vault you must meet various conditions, which may vary from time to time. There are 3 different conditions for each vault.
All three conditions will be checked at the time of deposit.
1. Minimum holdings You must have a predetermined amount of tokens in your wallet in order to stake in this vault (Blue tokens already staken do not count for technical reasons)
2. minimum staking Minimum amount of tokens to deposit, you can’t have less than that in your wallet.
Example if both conditions are required: Min. holding: 500 Min. staking: 100
- If You have 200 tokens, you can’t stake because of min. holding requirement. - If You have 600 tokens, you can’t stake 50 because min. stake requirement but can stake 101 because your conditions are met before deposit.
3. Activity points You get 1 point for paying in the new vault. (multiple deposits in a vault count as 1 point). Some vaults require certain activity points to compensate those who actively lock their assets every time. **Note that the contract records the last vault number you deposited to filter the duplication, so depositing at the vault with bigger number and then depositing at the vault with smaller number would not be counted.
When the vault ends, you can claim rewards according to your share.


Share is accumulated block by block by the rate of (amount staked X boosting rate). Also, boosting rate can be earned by two boosting system described above (burn boosting, gamble boosting).
For example, if you deposit 100 token at the vault, you get 100 share every Block. When you burn boost and boost rate is X 1.1, your share increases by 110 every block from then.
If total shares accumulated at that vault is 10000 and your share is 3000, you’ll get 30%(3000/10000 *100%) of the total rewards.
So best strategy to earn many share with the same amount of token would be to lock your token when the vault starts and use both boost right away.
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