Types of rug pull and our efforts

1. Migrator code

We removed the rugpull migrator code from the MasterChef contract, which we inherited from PancakeSwap when we forked their code.
=> We've removed it. Check at the contract page.

2. Timelock has been added to the MasterChef contract

There will be 12hrs delay on every changes in the setting.

3. Use of Cake LP

Some projects use their own LP tokens which could be unsafe, leaving users the responsibility to verify the underlying code. You are probably aware of the Notorious "WallstreetSwap" where a line of code was used to steal all the Lp tokens. But by implementing Cake-LP tokens we've removed such risks.

4. Importing libraries directly from OpenZeppelin open source library.

Many projects don't import their Open-Zeppelin libraries directly from the open web. They just download and store them in the local folder. What this implies, is that users will have a difficult time verifying the use of malicious code within the contract. To solve this problem, all of our code has been imported from external libraries directly from the original source.
check the links at the Contract page.
Last modified 9mo ago