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Do we have an Audit? Yes we have been audited by BSC checker & WOR.
How do I enter the Brushed pools? You need to purchase a $Brush token to deposit funds. A new $Brush is required for every future deposit.
Where can I buy $Blue and $Green? From the Blueswap Exchange!
Where can I buy Brush? From the shop link on https://app.blueswap.finance/ - One brush is currently 25 $Blue
What are the token addresses?
$Blue - 0x36C0556c2B15aED79F842675Ff030782738eF9e8 MasterChefPainter : 0xb04381026F5D4AAf0487aC4336F16E133FA5FB0a
$Green - 0xa4FB1f591980e6E4eb4661A0D96df19A13D21aA7 MasterChefGreen : 0xBDd7E57634eEdAfBb61a12744dd249EBAB69CAB9
$Brush : 0x254833b89476ea4fab9966ea504329e87CF84552
How can I check what my LP tokens are worth?
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    Enter the masterchef address above (set router address to pancakeswap)
Did we applied for coingecko and coinmarketcap? Yes, application is completed, just waiting to be added.
What about marketing? We are constantly on Twitter about our current partners and future events & projects. We currently running partnership pools with Apeswap, Salt swap, ValueDeFi, Bearn.fi. Several others are in the works and will be set up at the end of the week and next week. Our goal is to stablish trust within our community because there is no better marketing than word of mouth.
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