Platinum layer(New features)
Platinum Layer
  • $PLAT: 0x75a52196012ca777b94265f8c3efeef5693ce981
  • MasterPlat : 0xd8195b12b91bb74a9fCd16399f5a4fe671bFc2EA
Platinum Layer ♥
What is Platinum?
Platinum is a new layer to farming where fresh APR awaits investors. It is important in our ecosystem for several reasons. As well as playing an important role in boosting Vault, as the name suggests Platinum is the token of value.
Why we release a new layer? 🤷‍♂️
As we've said many times before, once the code is deployed, it can't be changed, which is what makes Blueswap really secure. But this also has its drawbacks, it's harder to make major improvements, which is why we need new layers multiple times.
What's new on the platinum layer?
1️⃣ Lock Up on reward 🔐
You may already be familiar with this element from the vault, but here it's a little different. 30% of the profit made when farming is locked in. Every harvest will reset the lockup timer. Once the lock is released (time expires) you can claim your profit. When NFT comes out, it will be used to reduce the lockup time by using it on certain pool to unlock.
2️⃣ Harvest in one transaction💰
You can now harvest all your pools in one transaction.
3️⃣ Referral system 🧑🏼‍💻
When old user refers new user, referee will get 8%(number can vary) of every earnings of the referrer
definition of old user : user that have paid deposit fee at least once definition of new user : user that never paid deposit fee
Burning pools is not included in this programme as the fee is burned immediately.
4️⃣ Max wallet Cap 👛
From now on, when the pool has a max cap, the depositor can only deposit up to 5% of the predefined max cap.
5️⃣ Delegate farming 🚜
Delegate farming is a way to use staked LPs for earning external tokens. Those non-native token pools which everyone hated so much will start to earn profit for the holders. Lock-Vault system for the holders will also be funded through this. TBA, but partner farming using this would produce even higher yield.
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