Brushed pool
Concept $Brush comes in here.
Brush is not an ordinary tokens like BLUE or GREEN. It is one token that will be used throughout all the layers from now on.
Brush will not be listed on Pancakeswap. It will be only purchasable at our BrushShop. You can buy this with only BLUE. Guess what? These $BLUE will also be burnt right away!
There will be a limited supply for the Brush at the brush shop and will be refilled occasionally and randomly. So you can buy $Brush with $BLUE on first come first served basis. Price will be dynamically adjusted.
To enter the brushed farm with high reward rate, you should pay 1 $BRUSH. This paid brush will also be burnt right away. So, you could say it's a ticket to enter the farm.
You can enjoy the high yield with less competition because not everyone can buy $Brush. Well, at least not right away.
Last modified 8mo ago
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