Welcome all painters and creatives of Binance Smart Chain to the inaugural Blue Finance Project. We are a team of experienced software developers and expert UI designers who have a love for the arts (visual and audible) with a strong footing in the blockchain. We present to you a series of projects with a wide palette of colour that spans the rainbow. We are calling all creatives to join us as each project unfolds; from our colour inspired Yield Farming and artistic NFT’s to our collage of painted Lotteries and Launch Pools… Each project has its own distinct colour with ‘Blue Finance’ being our first stroke on the canvas. . Below are a few of the blue inspired features on Blue Finance:-

Core Features

Token Burning Mechanism
To solve the inflation problem that most DeFi projects are faced with, we’ve incorporated a ‘colour’ burning mechanism into our token projects.
  • Deposit fees (0~4%) will be charged at staking.
  • Native tokens collected as fees will be burnt
  • Special features to reduce supply of tokens


Security of our artists' funds are our first priority so we’ve created an isolated section in our gitbook that goes into detail outlining the solutions we’ve implemented to combat rug pulls and code breaches.


  • We’ve created a BLUE token that will be at the centre of our coloured universe which all stakers and farmers can earn.


As we’ve seen projects come and go, it’s only the ones with a passionate and succinct vision for the future that prevail. To that end, the Blue token will have a continuous purpose throughout our entire layered ecosystem of projects. There will be airdrops to incentivise longer term hodlers and Blue along with the other coloured tokens will be given utility throughout. Features will include boosting farming power, placing bids during auctions, and colouring tickets to enter the lottery, etc.
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